Japanese mochi rice cakes (New Year’s sweets)

Mochi and matcha ice-cream

Happy New Year 2018!
Since the New Year has just started, I thought it would be nice to share with you some New Year’s culinary Japanese traditions. The first of these concerns Japanese mochi / omochi rice cakes. Below you’ll find basic information about mochi and daifuku (“stuffed mochi“), motchitsuki tradition as well as the link to the recipe for these traditional Japanese sweets. Continue reading “Japanese mochi rice cakes (New Year’s sweets)”

Recipe for mochi and daifuku

Japanese mochi: strawberry daifuku (ichigo daifuku)

Mochi or omochi and daifuku (“stuffed mochi“) rice cakes are my most favourite traditional Japanese sweets. Some people think that the taste of the rice mochi mass is not very noticeable and bland. But I honestly love them and could eat a tone of them. Therefore, today I decided to share with you the recipe for mochi and daifuku. You can easily make these Japanese sweet rice cakes at home. Continue reading “Recipe for mochi and daifuku”