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About Tasting Asia Author My name is Asia.
And I’m tasting Asia.

Join me on my culinary journey!

About me

My name is Asia, but the pronunciation of my name is slightly different than in case of Asia, the continent. It’s sounds rather like “Asha”. In Japanese it is exactly アシャ (hear it!).

I am the Ph.D. working at the technical university. Yet, apart from the engineering, one of my greatest passions is Asian food. Japanese food in particular. Let me take you to the world of Asian cuisine, that I’ve been exploring via research and travels for over 12 years.


I speak English, Polish and Japanese.
I know the basics of Mandarin, German and Italian.
Don’t hesitate to contact me. Feel free to:

  •  Ask me anything related to Japanese or other Asian food!
  • Recommend me a restaurant serving Asian food!
  • Recommend me an interesting event or fair!
  • Invite me to the culinary project!

Or… Let’s meet for a coffee or some good ramen, pho, tikka masala when I’m in your town!

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Travel schedule

I love to travel across Asia, but I also travel worldwide. Yet, I always look for the tastes of Asia everywhere and anytime. I’ve found them e.g. in Sao Paulo’s Liberdade district or in the New York’s or London’s China Town. I’ve found Little Hanoi Street in Warsaw, too. I’m tasting Asia everywhere!

So far I have traveled to and have eaten in following Asian countries:

  • CHINA (mainland, Shanghai)
  • INDIA (north and south)
  • JAPAN (in 22/47 prefectures)
  • MALAYSIA (Kuala Lumpur, Cameron Highlands)
  • NEPAL (Katmandu, Pokhara)
  • RUSSIA (Asian part: near quadruple border with Mongolia, China and Kazakhstan + Baikal lake area)
  • TAIWAN (Taipei, Shifen, Taroko)
  • VIET NAM (along the countrym from Saigon to Hanoi and Cat Ba)

My next travel destinations:

  • No travels abroad scheduled because of the Covid-19 restrictions.

Competed culinary workshops

My diploma of compliting the Chadō workshop at The Urasenke Tankōkai Sunshinkai Way of Tea Association (2017)

  • Chadō workshop at The Urasenke Tankōkai Sunshinkai Way of Tea Association (2017)
  • Ramen workshop with chef Kohei Yagi & Asian Food Foundation (2016)
  • Okonomiyaki and takoyaki workshop with chef Kohei Yagi & RakuGaku (2016)
  • Cooking workshop with chef Andrzej Polan in the framework of Food Blogger Fest (2015)